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What Are Universal Laws?

We have laws that govern our physical world as well as laws which govern our spiritual existence. The later referred to as Universal Laws. If you believe we are spiritual entities having a physical experience on this earth then it would follow that these laws operate whether or not we realize it. There are as many different interpretations of Universal Laws as there are mystery schools acknowledging them. These laws are basic truths which determine the experience of our existence regardless of who you are, when you are or where you are. The bottom line being, consciously and unconsciously our daily lives are impacted by these laws. Our egos sometimes wants to control how Spirit presents these laws to us by way of temptations or tests. An example of this being a person jumping off a cliff and demanding Spirit to save him/her.

It is futile to believe we can really control our lives. Less challenge can occur when we accept that Universal Laws are working multidimensionally with us. What we can do is be in charge of this life process we are experiencing and allow the Divine Spirit to live through us. Awaken to our Mastery of life, knowing our thoughts, emotions and actions can manifest anything.

Here are just a few of the Universal Laws that we have the opportunity to experience daily:

Law of Union: All things are constructed by the great creator. All beings are in union and affect each other; embrace each other and perform for each other.

Law of Expression: Expression is the power of Source creating, manifesting and delivering the meaning of life. Expression is always occurring, whether through thought, word or deed.

Law of Life, Death and Rebirth: Here we experience the cycles of life; birth, transformation, transmutation. Everything is in constant motion from life thru death and back again if that is your belief system.

Law of Creative Imagination: This is where we experience the vision of what is, was and yet to be. Humanity uses this law to to co-create new constructions in the mind and emotions while transforming old patterns. The desire is to establish new ones, creating new realities of existence.

Law of Worldly Development: We honor the Source’s intent to have us experience a connection to the world. Through this law we become consciously aware of our connection to the Universe.

Law of Purification: We return to the original Light through a life, death and rebirth process. Impurities are released. Innocence is gained so a new cycle may occur without the old, pure existence.

These are some of the Universal Laws taught in mystical spiritual schools. There are many more laws out there to be addressed. From the group above you can see where some of the Laws overlap in their intention. Explore which of these laws resonate with you and what laws would you add to your list. Consciously work with these laws and experience their impact on you life. When you do so you will engage in a life that embraces Mastery and celebrates fulfillment.

Annie Watts is a Spiritual Counselor and Coach and Healing Practitioner in the Houston Area. She works with the Universal Laws and other modalities in her private practice.