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It is believed that everything in the Universe is made from energy. The human body is a container for this energy. Extended beyond the body are layers of energy referred to as energy fields. Within the body we have concentrations of energy called chakras, meaning wheel in Sanskrit. These wheels of light and energy spin at various speeds and impact the energy field. The condition of a chakra influences physical ailments, as well as psychological awareness. Many support the premise that the chakra energy filed holds memory cells of past events in our body as well as other lifetime experiences. All of this has the potential of being energetic clutter in our human body and plays out in a dysfunctional manner physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We work with the seven-chakra system starting with the root. Some people elect to go on and work the Tibetan Chakra Therapy with the Transpersonal Chakras as well (eight thru twelve). Every two weeks a participant will move up the body to a new chakra unless additional work is required to clear the current chakra.

The Tibetan Chakra has the participant use a mantra to go into one chakra at a time. The intent is to break down any unconscious resistance within the human body and then release it so the person can experience a healing throughout their body.

There is some instruction where a person learns the proper pitch of the word being spoken. This is so it can effectively address the appropriate chakra and create a healing. The technique is experienced under my supervision before the participant goes home and does it individually a minimum of three times per week. At home the participant records any visions or insights and brings them into the next session for interpretation and reflection.

A magical experience that everyone encounters with this therapy is that issues from within and the outer world come into conscious reality to be healed. It is a subtle, yet powerful therapy process.

The Tibetan Chakra Therapy has the participant use a mantra.