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Healing Processes

Sound Healing

Tuning forks enhance the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing experience. What might take six months of talk therapy to heal, using the tuning forks healing energy cuts the counseling- coaching time to less than half. When you experience the codes which are playing with tuning forks off the body, you encounter a clearing of your subconscious mind being totally present to the healing.

Quantum Healing

With this process we name the issue and then place it in a quantum statement to access the seed thought. Once accessed a reversal process occurs bringing all aspects of the issue back to the seed which is then removed. Then a restoration statement is used to reestablish balance in the client.

Healing Touch

Energy work modalities such as Healing Touch access the information in the fields outside the body. Quantum accesses the collective consciousness (a library of everything that has ever existed from within). All of the issues are pulled back into the core seed and then healed using the Quantum chart techniques.

Tibetan Chakra Therapy

Chakra therapy assists in releasing energy held in the body’s memory cells from challenges of this and possibly previous life experiences. Chakra therapy is a way to eliminate fears and to clear oneself so that daily life is not derailed by undigested experience. Chakra therapy allows the client to feel old emotions and release them, in order to integrate the lessons of difficult experiences.

Craniosacral Therapy

Through a gentle, hands-on method of manipulating points on the body to enhance the function of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal chord. Clients find CranioSacral Therapy often relieves PMS, migraine headaches, compressed vertebrae, whiplash, tendonitis, kidney failure, Attention Deficit Disorder, and other forms of physical discomfort.


Shamans are asked to help shape-shift this world and bring a greater consciousness of harmony and love for all. This can be done through dream work, dance, healing the land, dimensional work, and nature spirits.
Shamanism is a spiritual practice where individuals are able to connect and work with the spirits of the material and non- material worlds of the Universe.

Astrology Practice

I use astrology in my practice to delineate natal charts (the blueprint of who we are spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally). A conscious awareness of astrology and healing modalities is a powerful combination in assisting the clients healing and self-empowerment processes.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of touch healing. It is an ancient Tibetan system using Symbols to guide the universal healing energy to that which requests a healing, whether it be plants, animals, people, food , water or lands. In a Reiki session the practitioner uses colors or symbols, and focuses on how the energy is flowing in a Chakra.

I believe we have within us, all that we need to experience love, wholeness, and expression of the divine source which makes us who we are.

I am a coach, supporting people to draw upon their own wisdom and develop better relationships with themselves and others through the body/mind connection.

Questions & Answers

Q: What do you mean by “Spiritual Therapy”?

A: I assist people in finding, recognizing, and strengthening a spiritual core within themselves. Through this core they experience connection to this planet, to other living beings, and to whatever their belief system is. Finding our spiritual core means uniting with the source of love within each of us. Once we resolve anger, hurt, and self-doubt, we are able to explore our passions and joys. Once our energy is flowing freely, we are able to be fully ourselves and to embrace spirit in whatever ways we experience it. Spiritual therapy helps us to live in a state of free-flowing love for ourselves and others, which is spiritual health.

Q: If you help me to get rid of energy blocks, will that fix my problems?

A: I don’t “fix” problems. I hold the space for healing to occur. I coach clients in recognizing and acknowledging their own wisdom. I am a vessel through which healing energies can flow, building on the client’s desire to experience healing. People whose energies are clear experience vitality, strength of purpose, and personal effectiveness.

Q: If I come to you for help, will I get well, or solve my problems?

A: Healing doesn’t always mean being “cured”; sometimes it means a spiritual peacefulness in the process of working through illness or resolving an unhealthy relationship. Most of the time, when people experience healing on the level of the body, they find that they develop greater toleration of pain. Sometimes they experience freedom from pain. Persons seeking relational healing find they are able to give and receive love more profoundly. Sometimes that helps them to experience healing of their relationship difficulties; sometimes they discover strengthened self-love that enables them to end an unhealthy relationship. We always have success; there is always healing. But it is not possible to predict how that healing will manifest. That’s why healing is an art.

Q: What kind of problems can I bring to a session with you? How does a typical session go?

A: People come to me for many reasons—sometimes they identify a problem as “physical,” and sometimes they feel they have a “relationship problem,” or an “emotional” difficulty. A typical session begins with a check-in, and then, based on the needs of the individual, we may progress to table-work, or we may choose verbal communication, written assignments, or forms of play and physical expression. I find there is almost always a mind/body component involved in any relational, emotional, or physical disturbance. The combination of talk, breath, touch, and energy work helps to eliminate energy blocks so that clients can restore their connection with the source of love within.

Q: Can you assist me with the death and dying process?

A: I am a trained hospice volunteer. I work as a spiritual trainer with the terminally ill and their families helping all with the transition process and then the grieving process after.

Q: What is an energy block?

A: Everyone experiences difficulties in life. When difficulties arise, our own inner wisdom often leads us to react in ways that serve us well at the time of the difficulty. But reactions which work well at one time, in one kind of difficulty, can become habits which are no longer helpful or which actually harm us. Our bodies hold hurts, wounds, and fears long after the situations that caused them have ceased to exist. Sometimes our habitual ways of reacting result in physical discomfort; sometimes they result in emotional barriers that lead to relational difficulties with partners, family, or co-workers. Such barriers, which we can describe as “blockages,” inhibit us from giving and receiving love. For many people, there is a breakdown of communication between “head” and “heart,” resulting in a feeling of conflict, confusion, or indecision. Often, when a person is lying on a table, more body/mind connection can occur. Lying down, we become more vulnerable, less protected; we are able to soften, and an energy block may dissolve. A breakthrough may occur. Clarity may arise, and with that the ability to choose wisely.

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I started working with Annie during my divorce in 2002. She had provided me support and guidance during this troublesome time. A few years later when I was in a serious relationship I started working with Annie again. As a result, I am now happily married and am expecting a new baby. During the years we worked together I learned to open my heart and fully embrace relationships.


Annie Watts is a darlin’ lady
Who has counseled us for many years.
She has listened to our many experiences:
The joys and the tears.
So if you’d like to bare your soul to
Someone who can heal and advise.
Your decision to choose Miss Annie
Would certainly be wise.

Vic and Pat

I’ve been working with Annie since 1999 after getting my Reiki attunements. She helped me understand and deal with the energy that was coming up then. She’s an amazing healer who has helped me get beyond my past wounds, heal them and live in an empowered state from my heart. She has helped me navigate through everything: divorce, remarriage, children, family, disease, loss and creating a life I now love. She works multidimensionally on different levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, in phone sessions, Skype sessions and in person sessions. Annie is a treasured blessing.


I met Annie while undergoing treatment for late stage breast cancer. With Annie’s patient guidance, I changed my outlook and my life. She gave me a physical boost to help with the 11 months of Chemotherapy, then surgery and radiation. Her spiritual guidance, however, was my salvation. I am now cancer free and happier than I ever remember. I feel great too!


I am not sure if I found Annie or she found me. Either way we formed a wonderful bond that has seen me through deaths, births, job transitions health issues and relationships. Annie was my guide, teacher, and healer of my troubled confused life. When I saw no hope she showed me a way. Annie has healed my body, heart and soul with her insightfulness and ability to reveal to me how to heal myself. She is a true and passionate teacher of the spiritual. Annie is my counselor, healer, and a true friend. I would recommend her guidance to anyone who is lost in this complicated world. She saved my life.


In the summer of 2016, I became unable to do my usual running workout due to a mysterious debilitating pain in one leg. I pursued conventional medical interventions which resulted in time and money spent with little gain over a period of 3 months. I consulted with Annie and she began tuning fork therapy long distance. My leg began to grow less painful and more normal as Annie continued the sessions. Also, we worked on cognitive issues and I have had a resurgence of confidence and wellbeing over the 6 months or so that we have worked together on these issues.
I had one session face to face which was remarkably powerful in its result. I firmly believe (in the) result of Annie’s Intervention.

Martha Slamer

Intervention Specialist


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