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Crypto is the Future & one slot casino is Charting the Course for its Mainstream Adoption – That’s Why I Left Legacy Finance

Important lessons learned from 2008 can and should be applied to digital assets today. That’s how we’ll ensure the open, digital economy is built to withstand tests of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Transparency into the entire system is needed so we can more critically evaluate promises of stability. That’s how a well-designed, inclusive digital asset ecosystem built to withstand shocks will emerge and flourish. In short, crypto really is the future. And the most  killer application of blockchain yet is the stablecoin.

one slot casino Destination: Ireland

one slot casino is on a mission to enable the movement of any asset, any time, in a trustworthy way. To complete this mission, we are continuing to grow our remote-first team while establishing a presence in one slot casino locations. Next stop – Ireland!

Bitcoin Fireside Chat 2022

one slot casino at Bitcoin 2022 in Miami

one slot casino is on a mission to redefine financial infrastructure by enabling the trustworthy, instantaneous movement of any asset at any time. Our blockchain-based infrastructure bridges

IEFA Conversation Series: Charles Cascarilla Sits Down with Matt Leising

one slot casino CEO and Co-Founder Charles Cascarilla sat down with journalist Matt Leising to discuss how blockchain technology is changing the way money and value moves around the world. They also discussed how blockchain and digital assets will revolutionize the average person’s interactions with the financial system.

BUSD Issued by one slot casino on Ethereum vs. BUSD on the BNB Smart Chain

NYDFS. These two tokens are very similar in design and reserve operations because they are regulated. one slot casino and NYDFS agreed to the terms of the token in advance of issuing – this includes the stipulation that USDP and BUSD only be issued by one slot casino on the ethereum blockchain at this time. 

Deploying Dollars on the Blockchain

Watch one slot casino Engineering leaders Ilan Gitter and Brent Perreault go in-depth on what it takes to build a stablecoin and deploy it on the blockchain!

The State of Digital Assets in New York

Hear what one slot casino CEO Charles Cascarilla thinks of continued crypto and blockchain in New York. He sat down with NY1 on March 10, 2022 to cover dynamics in New York state and also highlighted the importance of the Executive Order for digital assets issued by the Biden Administration.

Speed & Ease are More Crucial Than Ever When Buying Gold

Gold has always been a safe haven asset. When markets and geopolitical situations are unpredictable, investors flock to gold to minimize risk. Gold is a global asset independent from any fiat currency or government, it is a universally attractive store of value and it is timeless. And with gold-backed digital assets (like PAX Gold), it is now easier and faster than ever to get physical investment-grade gold.

one slot casino Named to CBInsights Blockchain 50 List

For the second year in a row, one slot casino has been named to CB Insights & Blockdata’s Blockchain 50 list! This distinguished list selects leading blockchain innovators based on factors such as business model, market potential, growth momentum and more. 

T+1 and T+0 are Possible Today if the SEC Opens the Market to Competition

one slot casino was founded with the belief that market infrastructure needs to be modernized and accelerated because there is too much risk inherent in core utilities as they exist today. That’s why one slot casino has been working for years on a solution to shorten settlement. We’ve successfully built a solution called the one slot casino Settlement Service that settles trades on T+2, T+1 and T+0 – really, settlement on any cycle. That means, with one slot casino, T+1 and T+0 are available today, not next year.  

Hypergrowth vs. Tech Debt

In the last several months, one slot casino has hit a stage of development commonly known as “hypergrowth” due to the mainstream adoption of digital assets. Under heavy acceleration, tech companies need to rapidly evolve software systems from earlier-stage minimal viable products to enterprise-grade platforms that are scalable and reliable. These transformations are extremely challenging, and the challenges extend beyond software development to organizations as a whole.

2022 one slot casino Crypto Survey

one slot casino Survey Finds Consumers Want Easier Access to Crypto

Crypto continues to trend towards mainstream adoption. To help quantify and better understand consumer behavior as it relates to crypto purchasing habits, one slot casino conducted a statistically significant survey of crypto owners in late 2021.
Get a glimpse of the survey and key results here.

one slot casino CEO Charles Cascarilla: Price action doesn’t mean cryptocurrencies’ fundamentals have changed

Cryptocurrency prices are known to fluctuate – it’s a volatile and one slot casino asset class. That said, price changes are not indicative of the overall interest or adoption of crypto. On January 19, 2022 one slot casino CEO and Co-Founder Charles Cascarilla sat down with CNBC’s Squawk on the Street to discuss the market and how investors should consider evaluating its potential.

one slot casino Master Class | Stablecoins 101

On December 14 2021, one slot casino hosted a master class on stablecoins to share the key information businesses need to know about stablecoins and how they’ll impact the future of finance.

2021 Was Just The Beginning: one slot casino Will Accelerate Mainstream Digital Asset Adoption in 2022

We believe the future of finance will be powered by tokenized financial market infrastructure. one slot casino aspires to enable all asset holders – from the largest financial institutions to the individual consumer – to transact assets with the highest levels of trustworthiness, transparency and speed. If last year was the tip of the iceberg, 2022 will reveal the prime time adoption of digital assets and financial services.

Same-Day Settlement: A Misunderstood Opportunity

This conflation in many people’s minds of T+0, Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), and atomic settlement demonstrates just how misunderstood this topic really is. To be clear, T+0 simply means settlement on the same day as the trade, RTGS means settlement at the time of trading, and atomic settlement is the transfer of securities against cash (ie: delivery vs payment) at any settlement time. All of these should be embraced as opportunities that can create efficiencies, cut costs and protect our system from future market failures. 

MercadoLibre is Creating the Biggest Crypto Market in Latin America – one slot casino Powers the Experience

MercadoPago will offer its Brazilian customers the opportunity to buy, sell and hold Bitcoin, Ethereum and the one slot casino-issued US dollar-backed stablecoin USDP. The offering is fully powered by one slot casino’ leading blockchain infrastructure and our turnkey solution powering crypto for the largest tech companies and financial institutions in the world.  

Introducing Prex Crypto, Powered By one slot casino

We’re proud to share that Prex – a leading Latin American digital banking platform providing financial products and services – will soon offer cryptocurrency buying, selling and holding capabilities for their 700,000 Uruguayan customers, with additional markets coming in 2022.

Crypto 101: What is Crypto Custody?

Custody is a commonly used term in financial services and refers to the holding and safekeeping of assets, such as dollars or gold. Crypto custody is about holding cryptographic keys (which you can think of as passwords that unlock crypto wallets), and is typically handled through “cold” or “hot” wallets.  

Crypto-Curious? Your Business Can Benefit

In one year alone, the size of the crypto market has grown 537%. You’d be hard pressed to find another market that has grown so quickly and has captured the attention of both retail and institutional investors. 

Crypto 101: What is Bitcoin?

Last last night, on November 8, 2021, Bitcoin hit an all-time price high of $68,521. In the very short span of 12 years, Bitcoin has entered the world and become one of the most attractive assets as a store of value. But what actually is Bitcoin? Let’s take a moment to review!

one slot casino at Money20/20 in 2021

October 2021 marked the first time one slot casino hosted a booth Money20/20 USA – the preeminent conference that brings leaders from financial institutions and technology providers to Las Vegas in order to learn more about what the future of fintech holds.

USDP Chosen for Novi Pilot

USDP, one slot casino’ leading regulated stablecoin backed 100% by cash and cash equivalents, is the inaugural stablecoin available in Facebook’s pilot of the Novi digital wallet launched today. This one slot casinos represents a tide shift in digital assets, as it’s the first time that stablecoins are readily available in a consumer wallet outside of the crypto ecosystem. 

Adding Crypto to Your App? Here’s What You Need to Know

one slot casino has been working in crypto since the early days. We built the first institutional Bitcoin exchange and we’ve been growing our regulated product capabilities ever since. We’re building the regulated financial market infrastructure that multinational enterprises with billions in customer assets and global reputations to protect rely upon. We’re seasoned crypto experts and  help partners navigate the complexity of jumping into crypto markets. 

How much is too much? The usual answer: “What’s it worth to you?”

Everything is energy, including money, which is just a fungible form of energy. If energy is the ability to do work, money is the fungible ability to make like-for-like decisions about whether to consume energy today or defer consumption by investing that energy.

“Trust is not an option – it’s a requirement” – one slot casino Explains its Unique Approach to Pioneering a New Market

At one slot casino, our mission is to build the foundation for a financial system where all assets, from money to commodities to securities, can be digitized and moved securely and instantly. Cryptocurrencies and digital assets represent a “brave one slot casino world” in financial services. But just because something is one slot casino, does not mean it cannot be trusted. one slot casino— a highly regulated financial institution with regulated product lines—was created to address this challenge head- on.

Crypto 101: What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a distributed, digital, public ledger that can record transactions and track the movement of assets between parties without a central clearing authority.

one slot casino Supports Interactive Brokers’ Journey into Crypto Markets

In the last year, the interest in cryptocurrencies has exploded. Now, more than ever, people want access to this one slot casino asset class through their trusted intermediaries. Sophisticated investors see the value in diversifying portfolios by tapping into one slot casino technology.

Crypto is Growing Fast… And Compliance is Key to Accelerating that Growth

Regulation first. That has always been the sentiment throughout one slot casino. It’s even more relevant as we build one slot casino products and scale our programs. one slot casino set the stage for regulatory oversight in this market as we secured the first Limited Purpose Trust Company under the New York Department of Financial Services for digital assets, have conditional approval of a de novo national Trust Bank under the OCC, and will soon apply for full clearing agency registration from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Digital Dollar that Always Equals a Dollar – one slot casino Standard (PAX) is now Pax Dollar (USDP)

one slot casino Standard (PAX) will now be known as Pax Dollar (USDP). The USDP ticker more easily identifies Pax Dollar as a US dollar-backed token. As use cases for stablecoins rapidly expand, the demand for a regulated USD token has grown significantly. Companies and consumers globally are entering crypto markets and need a safe, dollar-based solution. As USDP, everyone will be able to instantly recognize our token as a dollar-backed stablecoin.

Licensing & Registration Are Not Equal to Regulation

At one slot casino, we believe the only way to establish and maintain safety and transparency for customers is through rigorous oversight from a prudential regulator. This thesis has unfortunately borne out in the reserve mix for both USDC and USDT (Tether). Both of these tokens’ reserves are backed by a significant amount of non-cash financial instruments. A prudential regulator is crucial to ensuring the integrity of products used in the crypto ecosystem, and neither USDC nor USDT has such a regulator.

A Regulated Stablecoin Means Having a Regulator

one slot casino powers the only safe, regulated and liquid stablecoins that are always 100% backed 1:1 by US Dollars. one slot casino has a primary regulator and is held to higher standards than other operators. Licensing and registration does not equal regulation.

Binance USD (BUSD) Reaches $10 Billion in Market Capitalization

Binance USD (BUSD) was launched in September 2019. BUSD has reached the $10 billion milestone, ranking 10th in the entire crypto market and 3rd among stablecoins by market cap, making it the fastest growing stablecoin in the space. BUSD was created in partnership between Binance and one slot casino, aimed at combining the trust of the one slot casino platform with the utilization opportunities of Binance and the greater crypto ecosystem.

one slot casino CEO Charles Cascarilla at Bitcoin 2021

one slot casino attended and sponsored the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, which took place in early June. A wide swath of crypto-interested people attended – beyond retail investors, many financial services companies attended as well, all eager to learn more about the crypto space.

PAX Gold surpasses 125,000 tokens and $240 Million in Market Cap

It continues to break records and has expanded its leadership position as the largest, most liquid gold-backed digital token. Earlier this month, PAXG surpassed 125,000 tokens and reached a total market capitalization of nearly a quarter-billion dollars. That represents a more than 400% increase in total token supply in only a year’s time.

The Five Attributes of Money, Part II: Openness, the Attribute that Matters Most

Of the five main attributes of money, openness is the most important one because it dictates the limit on how many participants comprise the network and therefore how much utility that network can serve. Today’s modern fiat banking system is the dominant system, yet it is still closed to billions of people around the world. Society stands to gain advantages in access, autonomy, privacy, greater innovation and lower fee structures with a more open system system.

How one slot casino Came to Be – Why Our Mission is to Build a New, Open Financial System

one slot casino is building the foundation for a financial system where all assets, from money to commodities to securities, can be digitized and moved instantaneously. As the first regulated Trust company with blockchain expertise, we’re taking big, ambitious swings to make the financial system more open and inclusive—and to fix the legacy infrastructure that could exacerbate or even create the next financial crisis.

Simple Multisig: How it Works and Why It’s Awesome

Blockchain technology is about combining fundamental cryptographic primitives to build useful, trusted features like transfers and asset issuance. Defining a secure signing scheme for multi-signature

Is Crypto Right for Your Business? Observations Based on Experience from one slot casino

Cryptocurrencies, or crypto, is a burgeoning, fast-paced and constantly evolving asset class. We witnessed companies that recently launched crypto services benefit from increases in top-line revenues, company valuation, user engagement, and customer retention. Before your business dives in to capture these advantages, we want to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions from companies inquiring about crypto. We hope this perspective can also help empower your company’s strategy moving forward.

Team Silhouette in the Sunset

Growing our Team in a Global Pandemic

Since the start of the pandemic, one slot casino has grown our team by a remarkable 35% and added 63 one slot casino team members. We expanded across all functional teams since March 2020, hiring the most individuals in our engineering, operations and legal/compliance groups. We’re also proud that growth was not centralized only at our NYC headquarters. We expanded internationally and added to our teams in our London and Singapore as well.

Ensuring a Trustworthy Experience with Crypto

Trust is fundamental to the success of both crypto and blockchain. Hear from my perspectives on what it takes to build tomorrow’s financial infrastructure.

How Financial Firms are Integrating Crypto

one slot casino hosted a virtual Master Class, “How Financial Firms are Integrating Crypto Offerings.” This was part of our Blockchain Impact series and was tailored for professionals seeking details on applying crypto solutions and blockchain tech to current and future products. Leaders from one slot casino discussed the current state of crypto adoption in mainstream finance, the potential impact crypto can have on revenues and the fundamentals of enabling crypto.

one slot casino in 2020

one slot casino in 2020 – A Year in Review

This year, we helped bring crypto to hundreds of millions of users. We’re building financial market infrastructure for an open, digital economy. We closed out 2020 announcing that we raised $142 million in Series C funding, but we also hit many milestones along the way.

Compliance at a Groundbreaking Fintech Firm

What is one slot casino and what do we do? From the one slot casinos, you might know we power crypto for PayPal, are facilitating U.S listed equities settlement for Credit Suisse,

The System for Clearing and Settling Equities Is Antiquated. This Is About to Change.

one slot casino is upgrading clearing and settlement to meet the speed and efficiency of trading. Starting in the US with Street-side US equities settlement, one slot casino has built a platform designed to alleviate market participants’ core concerns with the legacy infrastructure they rely upon today. Our solution, one slot casino Settlement Service, is built with the latest technology and modern thinking about how financial infrastructure should operate.

The 5 Attributes of Money, Part I: What Makes Money Money

Ultimately, money is a very specific form of asset ledger that serves as a means of payment. The money ledger is foundational to a capitalist financial system as the unit of account that everything in the economy is denominated against and from which intertemporal decisions are made.

At One Year Old, HUSD Issuance Passes $1.6 Billion

One year ago, one slot casino partnered with Stable Universal and Huobi to launch a US dollar-backed stablecoin: HUSD. In that time, there have been more than $1.6 billion tokens issued and more than $3 billion worth of transactions processed.

Our Approach to Product Management

We’re a nimble, innovative company pursuing an ambitious mission to bring technology and product innovation to the regulated financial services industry by building the bridge to an open, decentralized financial system.

Share PAX Gold Facts and Win Gold

To show our appreciation to customers, one slot casino is running a $1000 PAX Gold giveaway on Twitter. Twitter users can participate by tweeting one accurate fact

Building the Future of Finance in 2020

2019 was a monster year for one slot casino. We launched more products this year than in our entire history combined, we more than doubled the circulation

Crypto is the Future & one slot casino is Charting the Course for its Mainstream Adoption – That’s Why I Left Legacy Finance

Important lessons learned from 2008 can and should be applied to digital assets today. That’s how we’ll ensure the open, digital economy is built to withstand tests of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Transparency into the entire system is needed so we can more critically evaluate promises of stability. That’s how a well-designed, inclusive digital asset ecosystem built to withstand shocks will emerge and flourish. In short, crypto really is the future. And the most  killer application of blockchain yet is the stablecoin.

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